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James W. Hiney, Esq.

CEO & General Counsel

Northern Virginia: (703) 754-1860

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University
J.D. in Law, American University Law School
Course work at University of Virginia and Boston University

Current Experience
James W. Hiney, Esq. started Technology Law Offices of Virginia in 1995 and has represented the University of Virginia Patent Foundation, Virginia Tech Intellectual Property Group, as well as other Virginia universities. He has founded 50+ Virginia high tech and bio-tech companies. He has lectured in start-up disciplines and his practice represents companies in various technological fields.

Presently he is a principal in the following companies:

CEO and General Counsel, Veterinary Technologies Corporation, a developer and distributor of livestock vaccines and kits for testing livestock.

Senior Partner, Technology Law Offices of Virginia with offices in Middleburg, Virginia.

Past Vice-President, General Counsel, Atlantic CommTech Corporation, a Telecommunications service company with offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Ramstein, Germany. This company specializes in encrypted military telecommunications services and subcontracts to domestic telecommunications companies.

President, Atlantic Coast Technologies, a product company developing commercial products for maritime use.

Past Experience
A Marketing and Government Contracts Manager with WestinghouseElectronics Division, of Baltimore, Maryland, in charge of formulating radar, sonar and weapons systems proposals to the Department of the Navy.

Attorney with Boeing in its Seattle headquarters dealing with corporate liability exposure.

A Partner in the intellectual property law firm of Fidelman,Wolffe, Leitner and Hiney with offices in the District of Columbia and Virginia. Hiney was the litigation partner for firm and handled complex legal matters, litigated in several Federal Circuits and handled all computer patent prosecution for firm.

Vice President and General Counsel for Teleattach, Inc., an interactive television product company based in Maryland.

Partner in Qualley, Larson and Jones, a seven office agribusiness law firm with offices in Kansas City, Omaha, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Fargo, Duluth and Washington, D.C. Hiney initiated Gasohol practice and formed the American Gasohol Association. He practiced before EPA, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, Patent & Trademark Office, Defense Department, Department of State, etc. in administrative matters. He represented: MCI Communications, U.S. Steel, Brunswick Corporation, Boeing Company and other Fortune 500 companies in various matters including litigation.

Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel for Noise Cancellation Technologies of Stamford, Connecticut and Baltimore, Maryland, a NASDAQ company. His responsibilities included running a 300-plus case international patent docket, complying with SEC requirements, working with corporate financial team and outside auditors, running litigation in London and Tokyo, and developing a profit center within the company by licensing technology. He was the registered lobbyist for the company and was successful in keeping Japanese competition out of the U. S. market.

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