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RB51™ (For Brucellosis in cattle)

Brucella abortus RB51™ is a vaccine used on female cattle. The vaccine holds worldwide importance as feed stock in many foreign countries suffer from a highly contagious bacterial disease called Brucellosis-- a bacteria that causes aborted fetuses in cattle and causes millions of dollars of annual losses to cattle industry. Brucellosis has been largely eradicated in the United States, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand by the older vaccine, Strain 19, developed in 1946 and which RB51™ is replacing.

RB51™ is a relatively new vaccine. It is a strong replacement for the Brucellosis abortus Strain 19 vaccine and is being produced and marketed in the United States by the Colorado Serum Company.

The RB51™ vaccine has numerous advantages over the prior vaccine (Strain 19) and is just as effective. The advantages include:

• stability
• low virulence strain
• allows for vaccination of adult cattle
• allows for differentiation of field infected animals from vaccinated animals
• allows multiple vaccinations

This last point is a major breakthrough. Unlike Strain 19, RB51™ can be applied multiple times to the same animal thus enhancing its immunity. Unlike Strain 19, RB51™ does not cause cows to have false-positive test result on laboratory tests. RB51™ vaccine can also be used on cows under the age of 12 months.

Control and elimination of this disease in cattle involves testing and vaccination of healthy cows. Vaccinating cattle to reduce the risk of transmission is essential and the absence of false positive (a characteristic of Strain RB51™ vaccine not shared by Strain 19) is crucial.

RB51™ has replaced Strain 19 in the United States and in foreign countries. VetTech holds the exclusive licensing rights of the vaccine from Virginia Tech and holds the trademark on the vaccine throughout Latin-America and other strategically selected countries worldwide. The RB51™ vaccine has been introduced in the majority of Latin-American countries and has been recommended by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), a branch of the World Health Organization (WHO).

VetTech, along with Colorado Serum, control the export market as well as the foreign production market through know-how (they have control of the master seed), international marketing rights including international trademarks and manufacturing secrets. VetTech and Colorado Serum work hand in glove in developing the market.

NEW IMPROVED RB51™ (For Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and Johne's disease [para TB] in cattle)

Vet Tech has developed a new improved RB51 vaccine for treating three (3) diseases of cattle. This unique, 3-in-one vaccine, has been successfully tested in the laboratory and is now being tested on cattle in the United States. The company expects the test to be completed and reported by late 2008 whereafter USDA approval will be sought.


All Vet Tech products are proprietary and are protected through licenses, patents, and patent applications worldwide, international trademarks, trade secrets, know-how, data, and licensing agreements.